elcome to my world of nutritious food. Changing my diet has single handedly changed my life. I completely healed my asthma, cystic acne + depleted immunity. The best part, is that I did all of this by using one simple thing—REAL food. 


I can’t say enough good things about Jenn Keirstead.  After hearing one of her lectures, I decided to get some one-on-one nutritional counseling from her and couldn’t be more pleased.  Her advice was simple, clear, concise and best of all practical.   She understands that noone can be a perfect eater — but she laid out a group of healthy food choices and selections that worked with my particular schedule and lifestyle.  Many people try to give nutritional advice, but its rare to find someone who can break it down to the basics like Jenn.  I’ve been following her advice for the last several months, and the results have been amazing.  I’ve always been a fitness fanatic and consider myself to be in pretty good physical condition, but now I have found an eating pattern that fits my lifestyle and tastes. I feel great and I believe the positive results are also visible to others.

Jeff Herbst, San Francisco, CA


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