elcome to my world of nutritious food. Changing my diet, has single handedly changed my life. I love easy to follow recipes, fresh, vibrant produce and nutrient dense food. Over the last 7 years, I’ve worked with clients with varied health concerns – everything from cancer to sluggish metabolism. I would love to hear from you!


Jennifer was a god send to me at a time when I was in the middle of major changes in my lifestyle. I felt completely ill equipped to plan my meals and feed myself in a healthful way, and she made it all so easy for me to transition to a simpler and healthier way of life. Her vast knowledge, professionalism, genuine interest and care made me feel at ease and confident that I could make the changes necessary to improve my health. I am so very grateful for her reliable help and support, and especially her kindness and concern.
Debra Bakowsky, Nelson, B.C.


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