Staying on track during all the upcoming festivities is not always any easy task. We tend to indulge over the holiday’s, telling ourselves that it’s ok because we’ll start fresh in the year.

Why not try and find a balance this holiday season. 


Keep moving! Even better, get physical outdoors in the crisp, fresh air. Lack of movement and too much time indoors can lend to cabin fever, laziness, and increase your chance of catching a cold or flu. We all know the benefits of fresh air, so wax up those nordic ski’s, go for a snowshoe, or splurge for a day pass at the ski hill. 

I personally love hot yoga. It’s not only a great way to warm-up on a chilly day, but sweating-it-out helps your body detox –which keeps your liver happy. Yoga is also a great way to keep centred amongst all the holiday chaos.

Stretching builds a flexible body. When we have flexibility of the body we naturally develop flexibility of mind. 



We have a tendency to eat a little more than we’re used to during the holiday season. A great way to minimize all those unnecessary calories, is to reduce portion sizes. Start with a smaller serving, you can always go back for more.

Try to give yourself a few minutes between going back for that second helping, as we often need more time for the stomach to signal to the brain that we’ve had enough. 

Your stomach can hold up to 17 cups of food/liquid, but the feeling of satiety ins’t from the stomach being full. Feeling full is a result of your brain reacting to chemicals released when you put foods, or liquids in your stomach. Your body takes about 20 minutes to register these chemicals. via –



Always easier said than done. Try your very best to avoid overeating sugar. This one simple tip will help keep you from becoming endlessly depleted, and support both your energy and immunity during the holiday season. When a sweet treat is necessary, choose from a plethora of healthy, wholesome raw recipes like these: vegan cheesecake on a stick

Sugar damages your immune system is by competing with vitamin C. If your body is too “busy” dealing with the sugar, vitamin C isn’t absorbed into your cells. Vivian Goldschmidt, MA



I do this a lot. Instead of going for the turkey stuffing, I substitute for a few extra sweet potatoes, baked carrots, or brussels sprouts. Foods such as these are high in fiber, which help to keep you satisfied.

Other examples of awesome high fiber whole foods include:

  • berries
  • leafy greens 
  • broccoli, cabbage + cauliflower 
  • legumes
  • nuts + seeds
  • apples + pears
  • oats



Staying hydrated is key during the holiday’s, especially when you might be consuming a few more cocktails than normal. Remember that just like alcohol, coffee + black tea can also lead to dehydration. Remember to have an extra glass of water for every alcoholic or caffeinated beverage. 

I drink a lot of herbal tea, which helps big time with hydration. Find some herbal teas that you love and keep a stash in your purse –that way you always have a caffeine free beverage available no matter where you are.

My top choices for immune-boosting tea include:

  • nettle
  • rose hip
  • elderberry
  • ginger 

Happiest, Healthiest, Holidays to all of you!