A few empowering quotes (courtesy of: The Wellfull).

“Nope! You don’t need to restrict today just because you have a holiday or special meal coming up. Your body still needs food throughout the day. You don’t need to compensate, or “save up” for eating, ever.”

“What is we stopped labeling foods as “good” “bad” and “guilty” because these labels are made up and arbitrary and “guilt” is not an ingredient.”

“Diet culture will sell you a hundred ways to supress your appetite before telling you “eating enough food” also works.”

“Hunger isn’t something to avoid, fear or suppress. It’s a biological signal from your body that you need food.”

You don’t ever need to:

● “Save up” food calories for a big meal

● Feel guilty after enjoying any food

● Adopt someone else’s food rules

● Be mean to yourself

● Count calories

Forgive yourself. Nourish yourself. Your body is perfect.
♡ Jenn