Trust your own inner wisdom.

Words to live by.

Your body is always sending you little signals. It has it’s own language —it’s way of attempting to communicate with you.

I’m constantly encouraging my clients to tune into what their body is really asking for. Often times, these physical clues show up in the form of symptoms. They can be pesky, but often offer real purpose into what might be going on deep inside. 


The skin loves to talk to you, and in my case, sometimes it has too much to say. The skin speaks in the language of:  acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, or dry, scratchy, scaly skin.  It’s very multi-lingual. 

The face is likely the first thing you’ll notice when you meet someone. It’s literally a person’s unique, and beautiful canvas. Nothing can make someone more self-conscience then when their skin is acting up.  You want to put your best face forward, don’t you?  

First, we must understand that the skin LOVES water. When the cells are hydrated, it shows in the skin. A simple hydration cue: have a look at the colour of your urine; it should resemble a very pale apple juice colour – barely light yellow. 

Focus on your water consumption in-between main meals —because when we eat, our body is geared for digestion. Drinking too much at mealtime dilutes very valuable digestive enzymes, which help break all those nutrients down for absorption. 

Some people will argue that nothing is quite the same as water, and it is processed differently than even herbal tea, but caffeine-free tea is still very hydrating in itself. A bonus with herb tea, is you get all those extra plant vitamins + minerals to boot.

Many herb teas on the market contain colourings, additives, and can be very high in pesticides. Definitely go for organic. 

A favourite: 



Your poo says a lot about you, everything from the consistency, to the smell. You just know that you’re eating well, when things are run nice and smooth in the bathroom. These days, many people suffer from very irregular bowel movements —and it often has a lot to do with what you are, or are not, eating. 

Fiber is key. My favourite sources come from: fruits, veggies, nuts + seeds. Some fantastic examples including: apples, blueberries, cabbage, broccoli, leafy greens, cauliflower, almonds, walnuts, flax + chia seeds. A simple chia seed pudding may be all it takes to step it up in the bathroom. Simply soak chia seeds in your favourite nut, or organic (grass-fed!) cow’s milk, pop in the fridge, and in the morning, you’ll have a tapioca-type pudding deliciousness. 

When you combine all the water you’re now drinking, with all those whole food fiber sources —bio waste will be forced to make a move. You’re likely to notice your bowels moving daily, maybe even after every main meal. Dietary changes will not only effect the frequency of your movements, but the texture and the smell is sure to improve —you’ll leave the bathroom with your head held high, feeling proud and triumphant! 

The image below applauds the, “sausage shaped” poo —as do I. Or like a very wise doctor once said, “A healthy poo should resemble that of a slippery banana.” You get the picture. 




 Who doesn’t want to feel like a million bucks, all day, everyday! Ideally our energy should stay consistent throughout the day. The reality is that many of face inconsistent up’s and down’s from morning ’til night.  We often reach for stimulants to help us through that mid-day slump: coffee, candy, soda pop. The trouble is, after the sugar or caffeine high wears off – we come crashing right back down again. Low energy and general fatigue can be symptoms of so many different things (i.e. hormonal imbalance, digestive + sleep issues, and of course, poor food choices). 

The trick is to avoid the slump in the first place. Here’s how…


Your entire day will change if you get started with a happy, real food breakfast. Try and make this meal generous in: healthy fats, protein+ complex carbs. This early morning meal sets you up to be an energy burning machine! Your stress levels will stay nice and happy too – keeping cortisol at bay (a hormone that can have a hand in un-wanted fat storage).  One of my favourite go-to breakfasts consists of a soft boiled egg (or two), sautéed leafy greens (in grass-fed butter, or coconut oil), and a slice of avocado toast (with a local Sourdough Millet, or Sprouted “Manna” bread). So yum. 

   How to put it into action 

You say you don’t have time for breakfast! Well then I say, prepare the night before. Cook steel-cut oats in a crock, and they’ll be hot, steamy, and ready to devour in the morning. Pre-boil eggs and toss them into your purse; or pre-made Smoothie Packs are the best when you’re rushed. Simply load up all your favourite ingredients into enough ziplock bags to last you the week – in the a.m., dump ’em into the blender and enjoy a glass of healthy, fast food, to-go. 

prev_608183417SB Whole Rye 


When blood sugar drops too low, you get crabby, and irritable. Energy plummets, it becomes hard to think clearly —and who’s going to make good food choices when they’re hang-ry? This is when all willpower falls to the wayside. You’ll reach for anything and everything, plus whatever’s lurking in the office vending machine. 

   How to put it onto action 

Happy, healthy, food choices are made more often when we’re prepared. Keep little snacks on hand at all times. Pretend you’re a little squirrel in the forrest, and stash away nuts, seeds, or a few coco-nutty energy balls, for a rainy day.  Keep them in your glove compartment, office desk, and especially have ’em on hand when traveling. This way, you’ll always have options. Healthy ones. 

13769388_1048025908607088_6248922380388276938_nRainbow Rice Paper Veggie Wraps


Some people find Matcha, or a simple green tea, keeps them more even keel vs. the chaotic energy of coffee. You may also find that by adding some fat, such as: organic grass-fed butter or coconut oil, helps stabilize your energy. I don’t condone a cup of “Bulletproof” Coffee over eating a real breakfast, but I’m convinced that adding the fat helps reduce the negative impacts of caffeine. 

   How to put it into action 

Play around with caffeinated beverages, and see which ones works best for you. I’m a huge proponent of herb tea, but also enjoy a cup o’ caffeine —so I completely get it. I drink both. However, I do try and keep the caffeine to a minimum, especially as afternoon approaches. This is when I turn to a Turmeric Latte, Mint, or Nettle tea, as not to effect my sleep. You’d be surprised how much a late day Americano can negativley impact a good night’s sleep.  


Sorting out our bodies’ daily messages, can feel like a full-time job, but once you’re tuned in, it’s amazing how things simply fall into place  


Ginger-Cardamom-Coconut Matcha