Road trips are one of my favorite things. The only problem can be the food options. What if a girl wants to keep it healthy? 

Here’s some of the things I’ve tried along the way.


  • Having a cooler full of ice packs in your vehicle can make all the difference. You can pack it full of things like freshly chopped veggies, raw nuts + seeds, fresh and dried fruit, hard-boiled eggs, almond butter and salads.
  • Take your thermos and lots of tea bags. I always keep a stash of my favorite herbal tea in my car and purse. You can always ask for hot water at coffee shops and resturants.
  • Most grocerey stores across the USA have fresh salad bars. If not, you can always pick up your favorite fruits + veggies, extra avocados and hummus. I also keep my eyes open for a refreshing bottle of raw kombucha.
  • Pack a travel knife. They’re handy for chopping cucumbers and slicing open avocados.
  • Water, water + more water.


  • A mini – fridge in your room will keep your market purchases nice and fresh.
  • An in – room coffee maker acts as a great kettle – perfect for making herb + green tea or oatmeal.
  • Pack a little jar of virgin coconut oil for sunscreen, shaving, moisturizing and eating!
  • The gym so you can keep active. We all know sitting for too long is hard on the body. A little physical activity will also add to the quality of your sleep.
  • Enjoy the detoxifying benefits of the dry sauna or stream room.


  • Bring your running shoes and yoga mat.
  • Web search nearby items of interest (farmers’ markets, grocery stores, healthy restaurants, yoga classes, etc.)
  • Check out restaurant menus from their website in advance. This way you’ll know exactly what types of healthy food you have access to.
  • Bring a small, portable handheld blender for a quick + nutrient-packed smoothie.
  • A stash of chia seeds will help to keep your mineral and omega – 3 levels high while you’re traveling. Try adding 1 heaping teaspoon of chia seeds to a big glass of water before bed. This will help with dehydration and constipation, which a lot of people often deal with.

I would love to hear how you keep your travels healthy. What are some of your tricks?