Herbal teas are an exceptional way to consume a wide range of plant-based vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, and so much more.
The simple ritual of boiling water, selecting the herbs, and steeping, is such a nice way to start, (or end!) the day. 
Note – Pregnant, and breast feeding women please consult with your doctor, and/or midwife  before using medicinal herbs.


Stinging Nettle 

Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a nettle lover. 
Nettle is one of nature’s best remedies for an assortment of ailments including: anemia, high blood pressure, rheumatism, arthritis, coughs and colds, congestion, urinary tract infections, and kidney and bladder problems…Oh, so many things.
But I have other teas in my magic cupboard too!


Elderberry- The life of the party, seriously.


Elderflower- Elderberry’s partner. Immune booster. Some say the flowers are even more effective than the berries. If you’re ordering berries, order the flowers too and use both!


Cinnamon sticks- Warming, nourishing, boosts digestion, balances blood sugar, great flavour.


Ginger- Warming, dries mucus + tastes good!


Cardamom- As with the other spices, its warming, good for the phlegmmy stuff and it tastes amazing. 


Echinacea- Stimulates immune function, so much that it can shorten the duration of your cold. Great for coughs, a sore throat and headaches.


Mullein- Personal favourite for dried out chronic coughs. I always put this in my elder elixir.


Cleavers- Excellent lymphatic stimulant. Purifies blood and kidneys. Expels toxins. 


Orange peel- Warming and energy moving.


Lemon peel- Cooling and energy moving.


Rosehips- Great source of vitamin C. 


Thyme- A favourite lung lovin’ herb. Mood boosting. High in vitamin C + A. 


Bee balm + oregano- Antimicrobial, bloody delicious, slightly zingy & spicy. 


Juniper- Antimicrobial. Helpful with heartburn and indigestion. A diuretic, helping with bloating and water retention. 



You can spice up a big glass of life sustaining water with herbs too!