How to Cook Perfect Millet

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Hands down, my favourite grain –and, it’s gluten free ya’ll.


  • Organic Millet, rinsed + soaked



–  Does NOT feed pathogenic candida yeast 
Acts as a prebiotic to feed important microflora in your inner ecosystem
–  Provides serotonin to calm and soothe your moods
–  Helps hydrate your colon to keep you regular
–  Is alkaline
–  Digests easily

Preparation Method

  1. Rinse millet + remove any stones or unhulled pieces
  2. Then, soak or sprout your millet for 8 – 24 hours prior to preparing it, so that you remove the phytic acid that binds up minerals and enzyme inhibitors that make it difficult to digest. Another great option to prepare your millet for easy digestion is to add a small amount of raw apple cider vinegar to the soaking water. Let the soaking millet remain at room temperature for 48 hours. Add a teaspoon acv to your soaking water – this is an excellent way to add minerals and will make your grains even easier to digest.
  3. Cook millet – 3 cups water to 1 cup millet. Note: If you soak millet, you won’t need as much water when you cook it. After soaking, try 1 cup of millet to 2 or 2 ½ cups of water. You determine how much water to use depending on how soft you like your grain.
  4. You will know your millet is finished because the dark yellow color will become opaque. Enjoy. Leftover store well in fridge for serveral days. 


  • Elena
    April 13, 2016

    Hello Jennifer!

    I wanted to soak two cups of millet over night, but I forgot about them and remembered two days later. So, the grains were in the room temperature water for 48 hours. I started to cook them a half an hour ago and there was a strong smell. I rinsed them again, but it is still a little smelly. Should I throw them in the bin or are they still edible?

    Thank you!

    • Jennifer Keirstead
      April 13, 2016

      Hello Elena,

      My guess is that they’ve started to ferment a bit, due to the 48 hour soaking.

      They’re definitely still edible, and will certainly be easy on the digestive system. I would try a little with some cinnamon, and almond milk, and see how they taste!

      Next time, maybe only soak for 12 hours, just to be sure.

      Let me know how it goes, Elena!

      All the very best,

      • Elena
        April 14, 2016

        Hi Jenn,

        Thank you for your reply!

        I rinsed millet a couple of times and then continued cooking them. They turned out very nicely. I fried carrots and frozen corn with a little coconut oil and ate them with millet for lunch. It was wonderful!

        Next time I will follow your suggestion and prepare millet with cinnamon and almond milk!

        Many thanks,

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