Morocco Stole My Heart

The month of February 2014 will be a hard one to beat. My heart was stolen by a country so rich in culture, history and of course, food.

Meet Morocco.

Truly, a West African gem.

We ate and ate and ate some more. All of the food was incredibly fresh, when an animal was slaughtered it was sold and eaten just days after. The meat was exclusively pasture-fed and the only option was organic. The same was true for all the fruits and vegetables at market. There was no option other than organic, as these crops were grown naturally with no help from chemicals or herbicides.

It’s a foodie’s paradise: endless varieties of dates, aromatic spices, powerful coffee, fermented olives and beautiful raw, yellow butter and cheese.


The upper hillside, Fez


Essential Fatty Acid Rich Olives


Fresh Unpasteurized Goat Cheese


Dates, dates + more dates


Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit


Spices: Paprika, Curry, Cumin, Turmeric + Cinnamon


Moroccan Coffee (I totally indulged with a cup every morning) with a spoonful of raw, grass-fed butter


Blended olive oil, honey + nut butters


Fermented raw, butter curds


A date at the Vegetarian restaurant, Fez


Market fresh mint, radishes, carrots + fennel

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