Air Out Your Hoo-Ha

Sleeping a la nude is much healthier for your vagina. While it’s totally normal to have small amounts of yeast and bacteria down there, tight clothing and even undies can contribute to a dreaded yeast over-growth or infection. Help prevent this in the first place and “air it all out” by going commando. If it’s winter time and your bedrooms cold, no problem – pile on the wool blankets and get on under in your nudie suit.

Get Your Glow On

According to Natasha Turner, ND and author of, The Supercharged Hormone Diet, being too warm at night “disrupts the release of melatonin and our growth hormone—our main anti-aging hormones—into the body. As your body temperature drops, growth hormone is released and works its regenerative magic.” These hormones even help to keep your skin glowing and hair glossy.

Keep Weight Healthy + Balanced

Sleeping naked will allow the levels of our stress hormone cortisol to decrease as you rest. And studies show that a decrease in cortisol helps keep your energy and hunger levels in check.

“High cortisol levels actually weaken the body’s immune system, raise blood pressure and cholesterol, increase appetite, disrupt our normal sleep patterns, lower your libido, and increases cravings for sugar and carbs. It can also contribute to other hormonal imbalances and health conditions including PMS, infertility, thyroid disease and abnormal blood sugars,” says Natasha.

A Happy Bedroom

Your bedroom plays an important part in a good night’s sleep. Keep the room as comfortable and dark as possible. Turn off all glowing lights. Unplug your laptop and please turn off your cell phone. Better yet, get all of the electronic devices out of the bedroom entirely! They’re really distracting and let off disrupting electromagnetic fields (EMF’s). If the temperature allows, crack a window to allow for a bit of fresh air to circulate the room.

Remember, “sleep is not a luxury,” it’s a necessity for good health and a happy frame of mind. So, settle into bed tonight with nothing but your birthday suit. Your partner can thank me later.