Jennifer Keirstead

Jennifer Keirstead

Registered Holistic Nutritionist


Welcome, I’m Jenn Keirstead.

I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (+ proud member of The International Organization of Nutritional Consultants).

I grew up in Bedford, Nova Scotia, and completed a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Mary’s University, in Halifax. 


Growing up. Peggy’s Cove, N.S.

Changing my diet literally healed my asthma, cleared up my eczema, and my cystic acne completely disappeared.

I was a competitive swimmer for over 12 years, training up to 4 hours a day. I was on top of my game physically but surprisingly my health was struggling. I constantly suffered from terrible colds and severe asthma attacks. Not to mention the most troubling to me {as I was always in a swim suit} was the atopic eczema and cystic acne. I was given anti-inflammatories, inhalers, and cortisone. These prescriptions made my symptoms a bit more manageable.

But why was this happening to me?

I was in exceptional physical condition, and did I mention a proud vegetarian! I even dabbled in a diet of strictly plants and became a vegan for a few years.

Looking back now I see that despite all of this, I was also a full-blown sugar addict. Sure I ate lots of plants, but I also ate my fair share of bread, pasta, cereal, and candy bars. Aren’t athletes supposed to carbo-load before racing and competitions? 


Yellowstone Hot Springs

After graduation, I relocated to the gorgeous west coast, which dramatically influenced both my diet and lifestyle. I added in new foods, while eliminating others. I gave it some time, but it wasn’t long before each and every one of my symptoms completely disappeared. I felt stronger, healthier and happier than I could remember. I discovered substitutions for my sweet cravings and found myself falling in love with all the foods that were truly nourishing me. My dietary changes literally healed my asthma, my eczema was gone, and my acne had disappeared. It was like magic. 

This deep self-healing inspired me to study preventative nutrition in Vancouver at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I also had the wonderful opportunity to work as a whole foods cooking assistant at Inspire Health {Integrative Cancer Care}, as well as learn a great deal about the supplement industry in the Wellness department at Capers Community Market.

I don’t believe in one specific way of eating. We’re all unique individuals with different biological chemistry, cultural backgrounds, values and ethics.

I currently live with my family in the enchanting Mountains of Crescent Valley, B.C. In 2009, I started a mobile, and on-line, nutrition practice. 

My passion is to inspire others to use real food as medicine. I don’t believe in one specific way of eating. We’re all unique individuals with different biological chemistry, cultural backgrounds, bloodlines, values and ethics. This is why I support vegan, meat-eating and omnivorous diets and lifestyles. I believe in real, whole foods. I love supporting local and eating with the seasons – especially in the summer and fall. I feel privileged to work in a field that is so personal to my beliefs. My ultimate goal is to guide my clients to a place where they can feel their absolute best. 


McBeth Ice fields, B.C.

I don’t believe in a one specific dietary solution. I feel there are different foods to eat depending on your biological chemistry, constitution and health concerns. I honour individual ethics and personal values—I believe mind and body are connected after all.

I hope this website inspires you to learn more about how foods can truly heal us. I encourage you to ask questions and always be curious.

Send me a message + say hello. 

Very Sincerely,

Jenn 🌿


FAMILY ❤️️ xo