Jennifer Keirstead

Jennifer Keirstead

Registered Holistic Nutritionist


Nutrition Counselling

  • Your Appointment

Appointments include the following, and depending where you live – can be made in person, over the phone, FaceTime, or Skype. If you live within the Nelson/surrounding area, I come directly to your house. A 7 day diet dairy is requested, which includes all foods, and liquids consumed. 

  • Initial Intake

 This includes an in-depth review of your past + present health, sleeping patterns, stress levels, and 7 day diet diary. 

  • Menu Plan

A highly individualized day-to-day menu, full of healthy, whole foods to easily incorporate. All menus include delicious, wholesome recipes, and other case specific protocol, to send you on the way to your best health. I strive to create practical, sustainable plans, that will support your current health, tastes, budget and ethics.  

  • Follow-up

Typically scheduled after 4 weeks – giving you the chance to start making dietary shifts, notice improvements, and address all of your questions along the way. 


Total Investment:  $299


1 hour Nutritional Tune-up

We’ll discuss useful, practical ways to improve your diet, and address your health issues, to get you rolling. 


Total Investment: $75