Mexico, We Love You

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The absolutely beautiful bride (and she was as cooool as a cucumber). Wedding photos courtesy of the incredible anastasiaphotography

Hotel Cielo Rojo & their Super Inspiring GMO Free Kitchen 


Beautiful, exotic banana trees 


Guacamole toast with extra avocado on top (umm, cause we’re in Mexico!)


If the top twists easily off the pineapple, it should be juicy and ripe.


Young coconut meat + it’s juice, blended with banana 


34 Girls + a Catamaran



. . . and another by anastasiaphotography


These hatchlings are about to take the swim of their lives and bravely take on the elements of the real world. Once in the water, out beyond the surf, the turtles will catch the current and continue for about eight days before they eat, surviving on what’s in them, the yolk sac from the egg.

We watched them go, we applauded, the sun went down and those tiny creatures made their way in the big ocean. Many years from now (they don’t reach maturity until they are well into their teens), one or two out of the hundreds hatchlings will come back to leave her own eggs in a nest in the sand.

Go little turtles, go!


The Pacific, a paddle board & dolphins 






…and lots o’ greens for the journey back home.  



I missed Mexico not long after we left, so I made my tried n’ true avocado pudding. I added crushed walnuts & cocoa nibs. 


  • Jake
    January 7, 2015

    WOW! Jenn, You really captured our Mexican adventure in such a Healthy, beautiful way! The food WAS so great… and the company “priceless! Hope you have settled in to the mounds and mounds of snow since our time in paradise! What a contrast eh? Thanks again for the part you and Eugene played in making our Mexican trip and Jenna and Cholo’s wedding so much fun! So glad I got to hang out and get to know Eugene better. Fun guy! Lucky you! Much love to you both as we head into a new year. Hope it brings much happiness, love and continued good health to you both. I will try to be a better girl in 2015, and will try more of the suggestions Jenna passes on . I’m getting there. It is a new paradigm learning curve trying new food combos that really will make a difference to my health.( and Barry’s) It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks they say.

    Keep on blogging Jenn… Love you guys!

    • Jennifer Keirstead
      January 8, 2015


      Wow! Thank-you so much for your support and for always sending your love and appreciation. We had an unbelievable time and just wish we could it all over again!

      An open mind is all it takes to make subtle (yet powerful!) shifts in your health. With an attitude like yours, you’ll have no problem at all!

      All my love to both you and Barry. And happy, healthy new year!

      Love, Jenn

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