A Guilt Free Life

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This weekend we drank green tea and camomile kombucha (from champange glasses!) It was the pefect way to celebrate a bit of time off. But what if I had enjoyed a few glasses of wine instead – should it matter?
Celebrating guilt-free can be challenging, but it can be done!
“If you go off track and indulge in let’s say cake (maybe even more than one piece), or a few glasses of wine – feeling guilty about it isn’t going to take it back. You’ve already eaten the cake or drank the wine and worrying obsessively about it isn’t going to change that. In fact, it’s just going to escalate the problem – especially if you’re an emotional eater. When we do go off track a little, the guilt usually makes us feel so much worse that we start thinking, Oh well, I will carry on eating junk – I might as well, as I’ve already messed up. That attitude isn’t going to get you anywhere.” HungryHealthyHappy.
I personally work very hard to find a healthy balance with everything in life. This is something I’ve only resently strived for. I always thought if it’s not healthy, then i won’t have it; but there is certainly no balance in that attitude. Now I’ve changed my mentality to let myself enjoy the things that might not be the best for me – but without the guilt! I believe that nagging, guilty feeling may even be worse for our health than the slice of chocolate cream pie. Here are a few of my tricks.

Make a Conscience Decision to Enjoy the Treat – Whatever it May Be

Whether it’s wine with my friends or an early morning espresso, I allow myself to enjoy it. Just remember, moderation will play a part in this as well. Anyone who’s had too much wine (or espresso!) knows it doesn’t feel so good after.

Choose Quality First

There’s always going to be a treat with healthier ingredients than the other. An example, a pint of generic rocky road icecream vs. vegan Coconut Bliss. Go for quality first and this will be better for your body – which will lessen the guilt.

Have a Back – up Plan

I keep a back – up of sweet treats in my freezer. This way if I’m having a craving, I always have something healthy to grab. This recipe for Coconut + Carob Orbs is one of my favorites. Plus, you can freeze them.

Laugh About It

I’m trying very hard not to take myself so seriously. If I mess up, I try and laugh about it. I’m learning to reconize that I’m human, which means I’ll make mistakes. This is definitely a work in progress.
Do you ever feel guilty over food choices?
I would love to hear what you do to overcome this. Please share your advice!



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