Great Green Gift Ideas

I love the idea of gifting non-material things. There are so many great ideas out there – here’s just a few of them.



Choose a non-profit foundation and  have a donation put in their name. 
  • For the Animal Lover:  SPCA

  • For the “Green” Girl / Guy:  Greenpeace

  • For the Mother-Theresa-Type:  Food Bank




Giving your spouse, best friend, niece, nephew – the gift of time – is a great idea in my books. Spending time together is more valuable then ever these days, with busy schedules and limited time off. Ideas could include;
  • Ice skating at the Community Complex – or if you know of a frozen  pond/lake, even better, pack hot cocoa + tea and go there!  
  • Walk a doggie or snuggle a cat, at the local SPCA. In high school, my friend and I would volunteer to walk the adoptable dogs on the weekends. We loved it, and so did the doggies. If someone on your list loves the animals, this could be the perfect, feel-good idea for them.  
  • Offer something as simple as taking your sister’s daughter to swim practice. This helps your sister out, plus  you’ll get to see your niece in action (which will likely mean a lot to her too). 




Second hand stores are economical places to score great stuff. We’ve found most of our kitchen wares in these kind of shops…from our stainless steel garlic press to ceramic lemon/lime squeezer. You’ll be amazed what you can find. 
  • a good ol’ fashioned used book

  • mis-matched coffee mugs

  • cast iron pots n’ pans

  • flower pots 

  • classic records 

  • epic, one-of-a-kind wool sweaters 




* Holistic Beauty *


* Edible Stuff *


* One-of-a-Kind Ideas *



  • Lada Love Art  |  250 687-1844




House plants help purify the air inside your home, detoxifying and cleansing the oxygen you breathe. Plants reduce unhealthy pollutants, as well as airborne bacteria and fungi, while also adding the humidity needed to combat respiratory and allergic conditions. You don’t even need to buy a new plant – take a clipping from one of your house plants and let it root it in a glass of water. Once roots are established, plant the little guy in a beautiful terracotta or ceramic pot. 
Top purify house plants include;

* Boston fern


* English ivy


* Peace lily


* Rubber plant


* Weeping fig


Re-Gift It 

Let’s face it, sometimes you’re gifted things that just don’t get the love they deserve. As you hunt through your home for untold treasures, here’s some ideas to get you started: 
Wine & Champagne – If you have some bottles of vintage that you haven’t opened but think someone else might enjoy, pass them on…and remember wine only gets better with age. 
House Wares – Did you receive a little many gravy boats from your wedding registry but were never able to find that old gift receipt? Unused household items in their original packaging, like stemware, make great re-gift items. 
Gift Cards – If you received a gift card to a store that you don’t shop at, but know someone who will, this might be the perfect time to keep it from going to waste. Just be sure to check the expiration date before giving and make sure there’s a full balance on the card. 

Ho, Ho, Ho & Happy, Happy Holiday’s!


Baba & Pom Pom getting festive



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